Saturday, December 10, 2005

passing by

Once i saw you walking by....i don't think i made you cry
I could tell by the way you were... we could be to gether for sure
Then i realized who you are, i told my self don't go to far
Past reacing my dreams and eating wipped cream
I know it may seem funny, but baby your my honey
I love will with all my heart, your beside me in the dark
I hope you know it's true, I really really love you
I know my thoughts are deep, but next time in the steet
I'll remember to say hi, when i see you passing by


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Hey my name is michaela.... i love to write and surf and skateboard and dance..... i do a lot of poetry and i yeah...i dunno what else to say soo imma go now..kk by lolz l8ers