Saturday, December 10, 2005

love letter???

I loved you untill you hated me,then you broke my heart. I'm sitting here in the dark wishing you were here with me... wishing i could have you... i love, i want you, i hate you.... you love me, you want me, you hate me... i wanna say goodby but all it does is make me cry.... when you say you love someone, then you have to mean it.. don't just fool around cause then it causes know who you are you know why i'm hurt....and your not gonaa bother to fix it... i want you to say sorry cause i know i am... i messed up...i think?? i now that we can... make it right just if we tried i know we'll make it right...just trust me when i say this that everything gonna be alright... all you have to do is forgive me for somthing i don't know that i did... i love you and you know it... please just think about it


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Hey my name is michaela.... i love to write and surf and skateboard and dance..... i do a lot of poetry and i yeah...i dunno what else to say soo imma go now..kk by lolz l8ers