Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jenna and Trevor part one

One day while Jenna was online, she got an e-mail from anonymous. It was a boy who said e knew her, and thought she was really preaty. Jenna kept asking what his name was, but she got no reply. then she saw his picture and she realized who she was. They met up here and there, talk for a few minute, flirt alot, you know the tipacall teen-aged act. Then one day somthing happened. Trevor got really hurt, and tey said he had died. Crying, jenna ran ome. She cried every day thinking about him.
One year se decided to run away. She was going down the street wen she saw someone running towards her. It was trevor. They ran into each others armsx, hugging eachother and never letting go. Trevor told Jenna he loved her, and asked her to promise him that she would naver leave him. She said " i love you too and i will never leave you".
The next day she showed up to his work and said she eeded to talk to him. Se said, "Trevor, i got called back from my audition." "What?", He questioned. "I'm moving to New York", She said. Trevor was scilent, and then he grabbed her and held er close. "Jenna I love you and i always will. This is somting you ave to do." Then e started crying. Jenna tried to be srong, but she started crying too. "Trevor I love you more than anything and you know it, but I have to go now.


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