Saturday, December 10, 2005


look @ mee!!! lolz i'm kidna tired, but my mind is hyper... i never thought that people could be having a different mood in your mind than in your body.... like i have a bazillion thought going through my head like scool, friends, boyz, cristmas, family, gos i can even right them down... i don't ave time. I have also noticed that people worry to much, then never think wats happening now they think about the past and te future. Now as you read this stop to think what is going on right now, take a deep brath and let all your worries go. Tis is somthing i learned in my acting and modeling classes, we do this right before an audition. so ya do this it really works!!! Posted by Picasa


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Hey my name is michaela.... i love to write and surf and skateboard and dance..... i do a lot of poetry and i yeah...i dunno what else to say soo imma go now..kk by lolz l8ers